Christmas Break 2008

The idea of creating a product, building something from the ground up was implanted in my head. It was still early in my programming career and I wanted to learn new skills. Right around this time Google was launching App Engine, the platform was all built around python. This put me over the edge and I decided I am going to learn Python.

The idea of creating a product was still there, and I needed something to work on to learn Python. This is when started. During this process I managed to learn Python, Django, and many other technologies. Best of all it proved to me how much I enjoy being a creator. This creation was able to help many people know when they were having issues with their website, blog, or web services.

In the last four years many things have happened, and didn’t always get the love it deserved. After joining forces with @henry to build Currently, we decide we need to completely rethink what is. I think we have been able to come up with a very simple and creative solution to website monitoring.

Downpour, our new product will be replacing in the very near future. Head over to to get early access, when its ready.

Thank You.
Rainfall Team.

Fixed Permission Issues


We just released a hot fix update tonight to remove the “Tabs and browsing activity” permission from the app.

This permission showed up because we put a link to the default new tab screen from Currently. For some reason this triggered a flag that made it seem like we needed a lot more permissions.

We of course were never doing anything with your tabs or your browsing activity. This is just a problem with chrome writing horrible permission descriptions.

Sorry about that!

We have many more features coming up soon :)

Feel free to hit me up on twitter with any questions: @henrymodis

- Henry

Version 2.4.0 - Currently in Color


We have a new version to release this evening, version 2.4.0. Get it here.

There has been a bunch of bug fixes, and new features. Here is just a few:

- New options panel.
- 6 New colors.
- Sync setting across multiple chrome installs. 
- We can now support chromium.
- Fixed issue with 0 degrees.
- Fixed location issues.

If you run in to any issues with this new version, gives us a shout at


P.S. if you would love to help us support currently feel free to donate here.

Version 2.2.1


We pushed a small update tonight with a few fixes an optimizations. 

  • Fixed location saving ( wasn’t working for some people )
  • Increased font size on tool tips
  • weather underground link redirects to your location ( try it out! )
  • sped up API call for weather

We’re back!

We’re very excited to announce that we are now powered by Wunderground. Our weather service went down along with a ton of other weather apps. If you are curious about that read here.

Along with fixing the weather we have pushed a couple other things to set ourselves up for future updates.

You may notice:

  • Choice for dark or light text (try dark on dark!)
  • Watch mode (squish your browser and leave it on the side of your screen)
  • Better font rendering (we havn’t perfected it, but it’s a start)
  • Support for all the languages! Even Esperanto. 
  • Preference syncing across computers. 
  • lots of minor things!

Whats coming up next? 

  • Lots of color
  • A much better options page. (I’m sorry it’s so ugly)

We’re really sorry for the weather problem. It totally caught us off guard. We expect smooth sailing now.

You wil notice the new wunderground icon. Please click it to get a much more detailed forecast at any time. Give them some support as they have propped us up in a time of need :)

Our Weather Service

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write it down somewhere that we know the weather is not responding properly for some of you and that we are working really hard right now!

In case you are wondering what happened, we were using an API made by Google that provides the weather forecast. We chose this one because it was really simple and free. Unfortunately somebody seems to have turned it off or is throttling our usage of it.

So, we are working hard on getting another API plugged in that works worldwide. We are really sorry for the disruption and have some cool stuff coming along with this fix. 

We hope to be back up in a day or two.